COVID-19 Have You Working From Home?

Work From Home Policy

In this crazy time where you need staff to work from home, make sure they are staying HIPAA compliant. Our simple to follow HIPAA Home Office Policy & Procedure will give you and your staff guidance and piece-of-mind.
Simple-to-follow policy and checklist for those you need to work from home or simply from another location. Perfect as-is or customize policy as desired.

HIPAA Compliance Products and Solutions

Home Office Policy

We Feel Your Pain…

Believe me when I say that…We fully understand:

  • Your Rates are being cut…
  • You have a hundred other things to worry about…
  • This is just another requirement that…
  • You think you know HIPAA.

But here’s the deal…

If your HIPAA Compliance isn’t handled correctly, you are going to definitely feel the pain.

It’s the simple things…the little things that will get you. Then the HHS will start to dig and see you’ve been “winging it” and they’ll dig deeper.
Next thing you know, the fines are in the 6-digit arena.

No fun…I get it.
That’s why we’ve designed all of our HIPAA products and services with the following items in mind:

No fun…I get it.

That’s why we’ve designed all of our HIPAA products and services with the following items in mind:
  1. To get HIPAA Compliant
  2. Must be easy to implement
  3. Must be cost effective.
All of our products and services are designed to be easily implemented with minimal “man-power”.

We want the provider to continue seeing as many patients as possible.

We want the practice administrator to continue making sure the practice runs rather than get distracted with HIPAA compliance.

We want your patients to feel comfortable that you run a fully HIPAA compliant practice plain and simple.

There Is Still Time to Finish Your Risk Assessment…

Security Risk Assessment

A security risk assessment is required annually by Meaningful Use and HIPAA requirements. Whether attesting for the first time, or for your ongoing requirement, this is the quickest and most cost-effective way to accomplish a security risk analysis for your practice.

Online HIPAA Training

Annual HIPAA Awareness Training is another one of those “things” that has been added to your list of items that needs to be accomplished each year. Usually the easy way out is to shut down the office for a day and send the staff to a seminar that they will barely stay awake through. Our online HIPAA training is broken down into small nuggets of information making this information much easier to absorb.

Data Breach Reaction Plan

Oops! You had a PHI data breach…or…at least you think you might have. What do you do now? Well, now is not the time to start trying to learn what should be done. Now is the time to put to action your data breach reaction plan. No thinking required. Just follow the simple checklist. Paint-by-numbers simple.

Disaster Plan

Whether it is a natural disaster or a computer issue that brings your office to a halt, you need to have a plan, already written, already discussed, all ready…to go. You do NOT want to be figuring this out on the fly.

Encryption Policy

Encryption policy for your laptops, tablets, phones, external hard drives and thumb drives. These devices are the #1 reason for data breaches.

Secure Text Messaging

Is your office still sending text messages about patients to other offices? How about email? Do you and your staff know what is and is not allowed?

Business Associates Agreement

Do you have observing physicians? How about an outside billing company? Your IT support company? If you have any non-employee that might have access to PHI, you need to have them sign a Business Associates Agreement.

What Our Clients Say

I liked the simplicity of it. This was really clear and straightforward.

Joe Ogle PT/AT

I was brought in to help because I had assisted with HIPAA compliance and Meaningful Use at my last practice. This was FAR more thorough than anything we did at the other office.

Gabby Hooten