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Product Information

IF you have the policies and procedures in place, but don’t have the training required of you and your staff, then you are setting up for failure.

The challenge with HIPAA training is, unless you are an expert, you don’t know what should be taught.

Plus, tracking everybody’s training and reminding everyone to take their training again becomes a huge headache.

Finally, what about those security reminders? We handle that for you, too.

What You Get

Initial and continuing HIPAA Training
Every member of your staff, including providers and management, is required to take HIPAA training.
We provide the training. We constantly update training to address the latest issues.
We track all training. We remind users when they need to take their training again.

Security Reminders
In addition, we included our Security Reminders system. Ongoing informational updates of HIPAA security issues that everyone needs to stay aware of.

Do you have Visiting Staff or visiting medical school students? How about temporary staff? Visiting providers? They all needs to have current HIPAA training accomplished. If they don’t, you need to provide it to them, and our HIPAA training system will simplify this by allowing them to accomplish the training ahead of time.

  • Online HIPAA Training
  • HIPAA Training Policy
  • Certificate of Completion of HIPAA Training
  • Security Reminders
  • Security Reminders Policy

What The Reg Says

CFR 164.308 (a)(5)(i) Standard: Security awareness and training. Implement a security awareness and training program for all members of its workforce (including management).

(ii) Implementation specifications. Implement:

(A) Security reminders (Addressable). Periodic security updates.

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